Rules and Regulations

The purpose of The Riverside Marketplace is to help promote local businesses in Riverside, California.

+ This website is created to help give visibility to local makers and creative entrepreneurs.

+ Expose small local businesses in Riverside, California on an e-commerce site.

+Provide local makers with an online space to showcase their products.

+Boost our local economy.

Vendor Applications: Must be submitted online via website under Vendor Registration. If needed, we will request needed support documents. Applications via email will not be accepted. Once application is submitted we will receive it and we will approve vendors who meet all the requirements. Your application submission acknowledges that you are truthfully the applicant applying to be on the website. Any and all participants that are represented by employees and or family members are responsible for understanding and interpretation of the rules and regulations to their employees and/or family. Since the employee or family member represents you, the participators you are liable and responsible for their actions. Ignorance of the law, rules or regulations is not a permissible excuse. It is your responsibility to know and abide by the law, rules and regulations.

All Vendors must comply with all City, County and State Laws. It is required that each vendor provide us with a copy of their Riverside Business License and California Seller Permit.

The Riverside Marketplace team reserves the right to accept new vendors into the marketplace based in availability.

(Updated 4/28/2020) – At the moment we are only accepting makers who are making face masks.


The Riverside Marketplace is not responsible for theft or damage to property belonging to a person participating on The Riverside Marketplace website/ and or event. It is agreed to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless The Riverside Marketplace, as well as their agents, employees, assigns from and against all injuries, whether personal or real, claims damages, losses, judgements, liabilities, expenses and other costs including litigation and attorney’s fees arising out of or resulting from or in connection with the vendors participation in The Riverside Marketplace e-commerce website and social media accounts.